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plum market provisioning

Plum Market

Plum Market, the well-known Michigan-based grocery chain featuring all natural, organic, and locally sourced food, beverage, and wellness essentials, is excited to announce the launch of its new yacht provisioning service. 

Whether it’s sourcing rare items, providing the freshest and finest produce, or fulfilling delivery at the drop of a hat, we can play an integral role in the smooth running of a busy superyacht galley to make the lives of yacht chefs easier, more productive, and efficient. Deliver mouthwatering meals that will satisfy owners and discerning guests for the duration of their stays on board.

We can assist with many other services and items which go far beyond just food and drinks, whether it’s flowers, interior décor, finding local specialists, or anything else that those on board need. We are continuously evolving to satisfy the ever-changing requirements of our clients. Our range of products, services and expertise offered is constantly expanding to keep up with the demands of the industry.


How it works

Plum Market offers an advanced online ordering portal that is 100% designed around yacht chefs. It’s easy to use and you can order in minutes, saving you valuable time. 

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Meat, Game, & Poultry

Full Range of All Natural Meats

From everyday lines to ultra premium, you'll have access to domestic independent ranches, grass fed, all natural, and organic as well as international programs. Custom cuts, packaging specifications, and fresh or blast frozen requirements all available. Packaged Kosher items also available. 

caviar and truffles
seafood plum market yacht

Seafood, Caviar, & Truffles

Full Range of Options

  • From everyday lines to ultra premium

  • Access to fresh and frozen product tri-coastally as well as internationally sourced

  • Custom cuts specifications and packaging requirements available

  • Fresh or blast frozen


  • From whole fin and flatfish to custom fillet cuts and steaks

  • Fresh and frozen crusteceans both wild and farmed from all over the world

  • Caviar from Markey's Regiis Ova, and Caviar Russe, as well as proper accoutrements

  • Full lines of cured and smoked products 

  • Fresh Seasonal Truffles and well as a wide array of truffle products

Chef Prepared Recipes

Options span from fully catered ready to heat meals to simple everyday trays and boards with convenience items like sandwich trays, crudité, salads, sides, and fully cooked proteins that can be packaged and frozen for later use.

Cheese & Charcuterie

  • Full access to both domestic and European artisnal cheeses as well as accoutrements including dried fruits, nuts, speads and crackers

  • From everyday lunch meats both bulk sliced or retail packaged to artisanal charcuterie available including pates and mousses 

  • Kosher lunchmeats and cheeses 

Fresh & Non-Perishables

wine beer and beverages

Wine, Beer, & Beverages

  • First in class sommolier wine selection 

  • Beer and Seltzer selection with a focus on local, artisinal and specialty as well as everyday crowd pleasers

  • Full line of mixers, mocktails, juices, seltzers, sodas, and bottled water

yacht beverage service

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